Our History

Shiloh’s started long before the doors ever opened to customers. Our recipes for home-cooked dishes, rolls, and pies traveled through generations, from the 1800s to today, until the family finally opened a restaurant to share their homemade cooking with the world. Shiloh’s opened in the summer of 2000, built primarily on our famous +100-year-old Homemade Rolls and Strawberry Rhubarb recipes, as well as others passed down by Grandma Gladys and Ethal, the carriers of our well-loved recipes. At Shiloh’s, all of our food is made from scratch from these ages-old, trusted recipes. Your family is our family, and we’re proud to serve you the same handcrafted food that lovingly sits on ours.


After a year of transition and a transfer in ownership in 2018, the Sylvesters and Humphreys have been carrying on the family-owned business into future generations. Sylvester has been an industry veteran as well as a former submarine cook in the US Navy and says, “It’s an honor and privilege to continue serving up amazing food.” From entrees to pies, our team is dedicated to providing hearty homemade food that’s lasted generations.


Visit our locations across Oklahoma in Broken Arrow, Downtown Tulsa, and Cleveland!

Get A Little Extra When You Visit Shiloh’s 

When you and your family visit Shiloh’s, expect to receive a little extra. Extra kindness, extra delicious comfort food, and probably extra rolls, too. From the kitchen to your plate, we are passionate about serving up an experience that feels homey to all customers. We aim to continue providing excellent meals at affordable prices for our customers, and we don’t stop there. We offer several specials and so much more.


Visit us with your family, or order takeout or delivery for some homemade food at home (without the hassle of cooking it all from scratch)! If you’re looking for traditional, made-from-scatch comfort food, Shiloh’s could be just the solution. We have three amazing locations for a sit-down meal, as well as options for pick-up, catering, and even a food truck. Give us a call or visit our homey eatery today! We can’t wait to have you.


“The scepter will not depart from Judah,
Nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet,
Until he comes to Shiloh;
And to him the obedience of the peoples.”

Genesis 49:10